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Everest® Software implementation and customization at tremendous cost savings

As a total solution company our expert team not only develops custom software applications for our clients but also assists them in implementation and customization of ready business management solutions, such as Everest® Software, at tremendous cost savings.

Everest® Advanced, an award winning, fully integrated enterprise solution, enables growing small and medium sized-businesses (SMBs) in the wholesale/distribution and retail industries by allowing them to quickly manage and track their business operations online and offline - from storefront to the front and back-office. Everest Software integrates all key business operations including accounting, inventory management, marketing, sales, RMAs, point of sale, shipping and receiving, as well as CRM - all the way up to powerful e-commerce - for synergies that transform an SMB into a more productive and profitable powerhouse.

Our capabilities

Our team has in depth knowledge, expertise, and experience in Everest® implementation, Everest® Advanced 3.0 configuration and Everest Software customization. From defining the implementation strategy to developing new add-on to Everest Software, from customization of Everest e-commerce to building custom modules for missing Everest functions and developing custom reports in Everest Software, from Everest data conversion and migration to Everest custom development and Everest work flow automation, our team has done it all. We offer tremendous cost savings on all our Everest software implementation and customization services. Please call us for a free quote and save on all your Everest Software needs, our services include the following:

  • Implementation Strategy Definition and Planning
  • Implementation and configuration
  • Data conversion and migration
    • Data conversion and migration strategy and planning
    • Inventory Items, Item Kits, Item Matrices, Related Items, etc.
    • Customer Information
    • Vendor Information
    • Accounting Information
    • Multimedia Repository
    • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Price and Information Updates
  • Customization of Everest Internal Documents and Reports
    • Data and layout changes to existing documents and reports
    • New documents and reports
  • Customization of Everest E-commerce
    • Layout and color changes on the site
    • Search enhancements
    • Custom template
    • Shopping cart modifications and enhancements
    • Removal of CartID
  • Development of Add-on Modules when Everest is missing functionality specific to your organization. We have developed modules like
    • Real-Time Common Carrier Freight Estimation
    • Purchase Order Tracking and Reminder
    • Item/Image Viewer
    • Import Utility for Kits and Related Items
    • Vendor Extranet – Enhancement to the E-commerce
    • Catalog Request and Label Printing
  • Page Boost Implementation and Search Engine Optimization
  • Everest CRM Studio Implementation and Configuration
  • Work Flow Automation for repeated tasks with little or no manual intervention.
Everest Customization
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“Armour’s quality focus and technology expertise combined with their flexible approach allowed us to implement Everest® Software in record time...”  more
President, Sports Goods Distributor, FL, USA
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